Saidieni Mtoto wa Mama!:Bahati asks for the best ‘twa twa’ styles to help Diana Marua conceive a boy

Diana Marua, a content developer, has advised her husband to have a vasectomy after he expressed his displeasure with the gender of their unborn kid.

At a surprise baby shower, the mother of two recently revealed they were expecting a girl, disappointing the would-be politician.

During their most recent appointment to the doctor, he made a joke about wanting a boy because of the dramatic gender reveals and mentioned that he was still a young man.

When his wishes did not come true, according to Bahati, he would want to try again. He had intended for their third child to be a boy.

“After the not so good gender reveal, unajua nilikua nimepanga huyu ni mtoto wa mwisho lakini nitaongeza mwingine, nlikua nifunge na kijana na bibi yangu but i’m still young,” he said.

In response, Bahati sought medical guidance on the ideal twa-twa techniques for conceiving a male.

“I will always speak my mind, you know I wanted a boy, kama ni mastyles nisaidie nijue kama ni hii nafaa kufanya.”

The rapper announced that she planned to deliver by cs to minimize any issues and set the due date for late October.

Diana played the video from the surprise shower and gender reveal celebration for her guests after revealing the gender of the baby shower.

Irene, one of the singer’s nannies, ‘fainted’ after learning the gender of the unborn kid in front of everyone in the room.

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