From a small mud house in the village to a millionaire~Life Journey of Lawyer Steve Ogolla

Renowned lawyer Steve Ogolla took people down memory lane of how far he has come.

Ogolla shared two photos, one of him standing outside a dilapidated hut made of mud while holding his cheeks in misery.

The other photo he shared was of him in his multimillion whip while holding the driver’s seat while flaunting the front interior of the expensive car.

He also disclosed that the first photo of himself in the village was taken in 2002, while the other one was photographed in 2022.

Meanwhile,Entrepreneur and social media influencer Cebbie Koks Nyasego and her new boyfriend, lawyer Steve Ogolla are madly in love.

The two have been serving couple goals since publicly confirming they were an item, and word has it that they are planning to walk down the aisle soon.

Cebbie and Ogolla have been pampering each other with love on social media, and recently, the hunk city lawyer penned a sweet message to his soulmate.

“You’re an amazing woman. Love you,” he wrote.

On September 26, Ogolla surprised Cebbie at her office with flowers, and champagne, among other gifts.

The entrepreneur thanks her lover for the gifts, and she posted the gifts accompanied by love hearts and wrote:

“Thank you, papi?”.

The lovebirds married offially and are now living together as couple.

Among the bigwigs who attended the invite-only event were politicians Gladys Shollei, Jalang’o, and CS Mithika Linturi.

The source also revealed that when the groom entered homestead he gave out cash to dancers and other attendees the way Nigerians do it.

The elegantly dressed bridal team was hosted at a guest house in Rongo for the glamorous event that happened across two days.

Day one was for Cebbie and her friends while the second day was for the “nyombo” where the bride wore three different outfits and the groom had two.

“The mother told her daughter to respect her husband, and that she should go and cook for her new family the way she does to her parents,” the source continued.

As the event came to an end, the parents indicated that they can die in peace knowing that their daughter is in the right hands.

It will be noted that Cebbie’s blood sister, Akothee, did not attend the highly publicised event but her daughters did.

That probably explains why all family members were introduced apart from sisters, ostensibly to reduce questions regarding the missing sibling.

The bad blood between Cebbie and Akothee has been in the public domain for years, with many of their fans hoping that they will someday bury the hatchet.

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