Revealed:Why the disappearance of Ruto’s hackers on July before elections is haunting DCI Bosses

Four police officers from the disbanded Special Services Unit (SSU) have broken silence since their arrest on Saturday, October 22, over the alleged involvement in abductions and killings. 

Through their lawyer, Danstan Omari, the officers claimed that they were faulted for declining to fix some of their seniors in the disappearance of two Indian nationals, Zaid Sami Kidwai, and Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and their Kenyan driver, Nicodemus Mwania. 

Omari claimed that the officers were promised to be put under witness protection if they complied with the demands.

“They are being faulted for refusing to fix some of their seniors in the disappearance of 2 Indian nationals and their Kenyan driver.”

“Among the issues that came up when they were being interviewed is that they were being told to frame senior officers and other people in the multi-agency sector. My clients refused to do that, they were promised to be placed under witness protection if they complied,” he stated. 

According to Omari, he read malice into the alleged witchhunt of his clients as the investigations were yet to be completed. 

He alleged that some external forces sought his clients to remain behind bars and become the fall guys for the mysterious disappearance. 

“There seem to be external forces outside the police demanding for their arrest because it is lawful to be arrested but this a country where investigations could have been completed before their arrest,” Omari noted. 

Reports indicated that the official vehicles belonging to the four officers were impounded after they were sighted on Mombasa Road on the fateful day. 

In addition, mobile communication between one of the officers and their boss was also said to have been on a high on that particular day- claims which Omari disputed as foul play.

The two Indian nationals were slated to be part of President William Ruto’s campaign team prior to their disappearance in July 2022. 

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