It will be messy and noisy!Two Bosses of the disbanded DCI unit go missing

The case pitting the mysterious disappearance of two Indian nationals and their driver has taken a new twist after two police officers from the disbanded Special Services Unit (SSU) snubbed summons from the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU).

The two, whose whereabouts remain unknown, were linked to the transportation of bodies retrieved from Aberdare forest. 

The two cops, a corporal and a constable,were summoned by the IAU on Friday, October 21, following a crackdown on members of the killer squad.

Two Indian nationals, Zaid Sami Kidwai, and Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and their Kenyan driver, Nicodemus Mwania have been missing since July 2022. 

“It is important to note that two key suspects who transported the bodies to Aberdare forest are missing. The two, a corporal and a Constable were summoned to appear before IAU detectives on Friday with the four in custody but apparently learnt of pending arrests and disappeared. There whereabouts are still unknown,” the source noted.

IAU has launched investigations into the whereabouts of the officers who allegedly dumped the bodies in the forest. 

In addition, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority – IPOA want the internal affairs unit of the police to stop investigating the members of SSU squad, citing that the unit cannot investigate itself. 

“What concerns us mainly is that the IAU of the National Police Service has taken over the investigations which should be with the Authority.”

“The police cannot effectively investigate themselves. We are also asking IPOA be left to carry out the investigations without interference from IAU,” IPOA Vice Chair Jonathan Lodompiu stated. 

The government pathologist, tasked with conducting the autopsy of the bodies retrieved from Aberdare forest, cited a delay as they awaited the families to produce DNA samples. 

Further, the ruling of the four DCI police officers will be delivered on Wednesday, October 26, as ordered by Kahawa Law Courts Chief Magistrate Diana Mochache. 

The judge noted that she would make a determination as to whether the prosecution should continue holding the suspects for more days pending the conclusion of investigations. 

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