How Nairobi Shoe Shiners Are Making Millions From the Work

A Nairobi Shoe Shiners reveals how she makes Ksh.1 Million per year, from cleaning people’s shoes. Shoe shining is among the underrated jobs in Kenya. It is considered as an odd job.

Most people haven’t realised that this job is really paying handsomely , and people are paying bills and making good money from the work.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali. One of the female, Shoe Shiners, identified as Hellen, said that , she has been doing the work, for 5 years.
She said it is a good job and it has sustained her for the past 5 Years.

Hellen said that without expenses, she can make between ksh.2000 to 2500 per day. If you sum this per month it is 60,000. If you sum it per year, it is about ksh.720,000. Remember they vary daily so that is approximately ksh.1Million per year.

For those who don’t own the places, they usually pay the owners ksh.800 per day .For them they usually make between ksh. 1000 to 1500 per day, per month they make upto almost ksh. 40,000 and per year they make approximately half a million from just cleaning the shoes.

Hellen is very proud of her job, despite some of the challenges she faces. Most of the challenges are linked to the current economic situation of Kenya.

She is however optimistic that things will be fine. She is a hardworking one and this shows as that you don’t need to do a white color job for you to be a millionaire.

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