Wa_kalenjin tupu!kwani tribe zingine hawajasoma?; Uproar online after Ruto rewarded PS Jobs Mostly to Kalenjins

This came after the release of the Principal Secretaries nominee list on Wednesday.

After an uproar from tweeps, Ngunyi said Kalenjins should be left alone as the President was only rewarding loyalty.

“Leave Kalenjins alone. This is now their government. And in the affairs of government, loyalty is superior to competence. Like it or not, Ruto has rewarded loyalty,” he said.

The former technical assistant to retired President Uhuru Kenyatta said Ruto was an admirable leader for choosing his allies first, wishing the nominated person luck.

“Note: There will be no corruption,” he added.

Ruto released the list of 51 PSs selected to serve in the public service.

The list consists of 11 women and 40 men and is largely made up of leaders from the Rift Valley Region.

Among the critics was Narok County Senator Ole Kina Ledama.

“We told you the KK @WilliamsRuto government will be a Kalenjin and Kikuyu affair, not a Kenyan affair not -Mama Mboga- “bottom-up” my foot “!- … look at the PS list? …. You asked for it you will cry about it … na Bado they will amend the constitution. I told you the moment is here!” Ledama tweeted.

Ngunyi had argued the same after the revealing of the new Cabinet in September.

“Give it to Ruto. Like him or not, this man is Honorable. He has rewarded everyone that stood by him. The currency of Politics is loyalty, not competence,” he said then.

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