Billionaire Behind ENA Coach Bus Service, Shareholders and Net Worth

ENA Coach is one of Kenya’s most well-known transportation providers, with over twenty-five routes to choose from. The company has been operational since 2010 and rebranded from 2008 to 2018.

It has a magnificent fleet of 49-seat capacity buses and 11-seat capacity shuttles, which are distinguished by the company’s distinctive colors of yellow, white, and black.

In collaboration with Explorer Parcel Handlers, the company not only provides transportation but also manages parcel delivery.

Customers are served by ENA Coach vehicles in Mombasa, Kericho, Kisii, Kisumu, Migori, Nairobi, Rongo, Homa Bay, and Kendu Bay, to name a few.

ENA Coach pledges to offer world-class transportation services;

“Our vision is to offer world-class transportation services in an innovative way while harnessing the use of technology to delight retain and defend our clients.”

With Experience in the PSV industry and courier services, ENA Coach in partnership with Explorer Parcel Handlers (EPH) has evaluated the challenges and come up with better services to offer exemplary services.

It covers more than 30 routes within Kenya and is working round the clock to add more routes within Kenya and the greater East African region.

The company has experimented with digitization and now has a well-designed website that allows for online booking, provides travelers with contact information for each station, corporate information, and any necessary updates.

ENA Coach is run by ENA Investment Limited, which is controlled by Evans Anyona, a Kisii native who has been dubbed one of the county’s wealthiest men.

He owns the bulk of the company’s stock and makes a fortune from his work in the industry.

ENA Coach Founder Evans Nyagaka Anyona
is a seasoned transportation professional who has had significant success in the field, beginning with matatu work and progressing to Transline and Transline Classic.

Anyona is wealthy millions thanks to his other business endeavors in farming and wholesaling.

Former ENA stakeholder Haron Kamau was a member of the ownership team. He is a serial entrepreneur from Kisii County who runs prosperous enterprises in Kenya.

He owns Kisii’s most luxurious hotel named Karmel Park. The hotel is equipped with cutting-edge amenities such as a helicopter and an Olympic-size pool that is surrounded by man-made caverns, cliffs, and waterfalls.

Karmel park hotel in Kisii
He spent several years at ENA working with Evans Anyona before establishing his own transportation company, Overseas Buses and Matatus. The profits from the transportation industry have proven to be a wise investment, and he is now making millions from his other businesses.

The company’s owners have invested much in the fleet to ensure that it is the preferred mode of transportation for the majority of Kenyans who utilize public transit. There are also plans in the works to expand operations beyond Kenya and to explore the East African region.

ENA Coach’s main office is located on the ground floor of the KPCU Building Wakulima House on Haile Selassie Avenue. Bookings prior to travel, parcel reception and delivery, customer assistance, and commissioning start of journeys from Nairobi are all available at the office. Bookings, on the other hand, can be made on the company’s website, as previously stated.

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