Do not date or marry a man who knows how to cook,he will never appreciate you!:Lady warns

A Nigerian lady has sound a public warning to men who know how to cook to never cross her path to ask her for a relationship or marriage

According to her, she finds it difficult to please her brothers whenever she prepares food for them simply because these brothers of hers know how to cook very well.

She says she would love to be with someone who does not know how to cook so that he’ll enjoy her good Everytime.

In other news,a young man has sworn never to marry a lady who smokes and joins him do everything with him in the club.

His comments did not go down well with so many netizens. Some people asked him to shut up because it’s the same ladies guys are marrying every Saturday.

Others say if he doesn’t marry the lady, other will so he should keep his opinion to himself.

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