Drama in Embu as bees arrest and escort 2 thieves to police station

Residents of Makutano in Embu county were left in shock after two suspected thieves were attacked by a swarm of bees before surrendering to authorities.

It is reported that a woman identified as Lilian Waithera, the owner of the cow, sought a witch doctor’s help after reporting the matter to the police station to recover the cattle leading to the incident.

Barely days after a ritual, two young men emerged with the stolen cow that the owner identified positively.

One of the thugs had been attacked by a swarm of bees on his hands and the other one was in possession of the cow.

“When my cow was stolen, I reported the matter to the police station but later I went to a witch doctor. He gave me medicine that I applied in the cowshed before and told me to wait. He has now helped me,” she said.

Upon recovery, the medicine man administered some herbs to them and the bees disappeared.

The two were then taken to Makutano police station awaiting the way forward as the owner says she is not planning to press any charges of theft against them.

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