Lady travels from Dubai for friend’s wedding,only to discover she’s getting married to her man

A Nigerian lady who flew in from Dubai has discovered that her best friend has snatched her boyfriend.

According a TikTok video posted on Friday November 4, her best friend was getting married and she decided to attend the introduction.

But to her greatest shock, Princess said she arrived at the introduction ceremony to find out that the groom is actually her man.

She went on to narrate that her best friend already has a two year old baby for her (Princess’) man.

The story has shocked a lot of people as it sounded unbelievable, making some TikTokers to call her a lier. Princess shared the moment she departed at the airport for Nigeria.

A lot of Princess’ followers have expressed disgust at the behaviour of her friend. Here are a few of what people are saying about the development.:

@King IBM said:

“Surpriser has been surprised.. wow, surprise kid.”

@Pearl Essentials reacted:

“Una to lie for this app.”

@Cherish29 asked:

“So she didn’t snap with her boyfriend since and you didn’t ask her for pictures of she and her man?”

@__onlyonethiffy$ reacted:

“Trying to surprise someone but end up getting surprised. Wow! Emotional damage.”

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