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List of people Banned From Kenyan TV Shows and Why

Over recent years, Kenyan talk shows have been experiencing heated debates that at times force guests to storm out mid-interviews.

In very few interviews, however, show hosts and media owners have resorted to banning their guests from appearing on the shows altogether.

The decisions are often made depending on the guests’ behaviour on the show.

Here are four guests that have been banned by some Kenyan TV shows as well as show hosts alike.

1. Tony Gachoka

Political Analyst Tony Gachoka, was in 2015 barred from ever appearing as a guest on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), which was then a very popular show on KTN, hosted by renowned journalist Jeff Koinange.

Gachoka’s ban came after he allegedly turned up for the live show while highly intoxicated and uttered defamatory statements against senior Government officials.

“Gachoka produced a lot of shockers of his own and we at KTN feel we had to take a stand because of his mannerism and behaviour and what he was saying. Going forward from now on Tony Gachoka will no longer be a guest on this show,” Koinange announced at the time.

2. Davido

In 2015, the then NTV’s The Trend announced that Nigerian singer Davido, formally David Adedeji Adeleke, from the show after accusing him of behaving erratically on his show.

In an Oped in the Daily Nation at the time, Madowo claimed that Davido’s manager had arrived and claimed that the singer would be on the show for only 20 minutes.

During the interview, to which he arrived late, the singer seemed disinterested and aloof although the interview was a sponsorship between the show and an organiser of the event that had jetted the singer into the country.

“During the interview, he was disinterested and rude, almost as if the whole thing deeply irritated him and he would rather have been elsewhere.

“Most times you manage to pull off that delicate dance and the production team, presenter and guest are all pleased with the outcome. Sometimes it all falls apart like it did during the Davido interview, which was equally hated by everyone involved – guest, host, producers and audience. It takes extra effort to produce something that is monumentally disastrous,” stated Madowo before noting that the singer had been banned from The Trend for life.

3.Miguna Miguna

For the long list of Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s troubles, being banned from a TV show seems to be the least of his worries but still counts as a blow.

In 2017, Larry Madowo, who was the host of Side Bar on NTV shocked his viewers when he banned the controversial lawyer from his show following a heated debate.

At the time, the lawyer was accused of making statements that appeared to be promoting mayhem while on live TV.

“For a revolution to take place, blood sometimes has to be involved,” stated Miguna.

Madowo, however, interjected and banned him from appearing on the show after he seemed to dodge some of the questions the host was asking.

“If you are not going to answer my questions then don’t come back to my show!” Stated Madowo before ending the show.

4. Moses Kuria

In 2017, Larry Madowo declared that he would not be open to interviewing Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on any show around the globe provided he (Madowo) was the moderator.

Madowo made the comments during an episode of Side Bar show on NTV after accusing Kuria of being disrespectful.

“Moses Kuria is not welcome on any shows I’m hosting. He does not respect me or my colleagues and I’ve told him as much,” stated Madowo.

A year earlier, Kuria and Madowo had clashed during an episode on the show where the host was accused of being biased against the politician.

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