“My 7 sons want to r@pe me!”:Woman cries for help

A 60-year-old woman is living in fear in Embu following rape attempts on her by her seven sons.

Ailing from Kathangari village in Embu West, Jacinta Muthoni, a mother of nine, shares a house with her eight children, seven of whom are grown-up sons whom she says are mentally ill.

The eighth son is the family’s last born and her only mentally stable child who is currently in Grade Six.

Her only daughter is married within the village and she says the daughter is also mentally challenged.

Muthoni says that led by her eldest son, 40, the seven grown-up sons have been breaking into her room, which is inside their wooden house, at night in an attempt to rape her.

She says she can’t recall the ages of the other children, but they are grown-ups.

”It has been difficult to live with my children and struggle to feed them while I’m jobless. It has also become very risky because these children have been attempting to rape me,” she said in tears.

She further revealed that her late husband (he died two years ago) also suffered from mental problems and that he used to roam within the markets while collecting litter.

She is now appealing to the government and well-wishers to help her take her mentally-challenged children to appropriate medical facilities.

Her other wish and prayers are to have someone build her a decent house so that she can sleep separately from her kids at night.

“I’m appealing to well-wishers to build a house for me in order to separate me from my grown-up children at night. They (the children) have attempted to rape me before,” Muthoni stated in tears.

Grace Ngaraci, a woman leader within the area said that it is an unfortunate situation that needs government intervention.

”We are calling for help. This lady is suffering and might also be affected mentally because of the struggle she is going through,” she said.

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