Pastor Ng’ang’a announces charges for prayer & fasting

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has stated that he will be praying and fasting in his church.

The controversial man of God said that he will charge for the sessions in a banner that is making the rounds on social media.

The charges will range from sh500 and sh2000 for special rooms per night. It will start today at his Jerusalem church in Kajiado.

In the poster, the man of God shared;

“We invite you to join us in prayer and fasting at Jerusalem City Kenya (JCK). for Registration visit Neno Evangelism Center, Nairobi.”

The post has elicited a mixed reaction with many asking why he was charging people to be prayed for.


Rossy Akenia: Kwani jameni c duñia imeisha Kwan ata kwenda kanisani mpaka utoe registration fee kilo Kila siku ati akuna mvua ati Raila amesindwa angekuwa Raisi kumbe hato yote ni kwa sababu ya mapostor wengi kuombea mgonjwa lazima pesa na hawataki coin wanataka note ,yesu hasifiwe.


Prince Martin: Registration ya kwenda kanisani? Alafu 2K special room? ai, mbikos of why?

Monica Peter: Amen…..following and taking part in this prayer & fasting. God bless you Apostle we love you.

Joyce Kioko: We fear sometimes some one may hark this account kutafuta pesa akijifananaisha na apostle naogopa sijui kama ni ukweli.

Mams Stephanie: How much I need to join.

Wist Escot: Registration in church? Another school untold.

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