Reasons why Kenyan Employers Prefer Diploma Holders Than Degrees

1. Diploma holders are hardworking compared to degree holders

Diploma holders know that this is a competitive job market filled with degree, masters and PHD holders.

For this reason, they tend to work harder and become better every day.

2. Diploma holders are not choosy

While it’s a tendency for most degree holders to have wild and unrealistic expectations, diploma holders are not choosy when it comes to jobs.

In truth, degree holders will only dream of working for multinationals like the UN, Safaricom, big banks etc.

Diploma holders on the other hand focus on building their skills and gaining relevant experience.

3. Diploma holders don’t change jobs too often

Unlike their degree counterparts, diploma holders are loyal to the company they work for.

Graduates move too quickly from company to company in search of “greener pastures” making it impossible for them to be hired.

In conclusion

As you can see, pursuing a diploma does not make you less of a human.

In some instances, this could actually work for you rather than against you.

While there is a tendency to think that degree holders have better luck at jobs, look around you.

This should not discourage you from pursuing a degree though, it should be an encouragement to those who are yet to decide what they want pursue.

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