Comedian Nyambane finally graduates after 26yrs in campus

Comedian Walter Mong’are aka Nyambane has graduated after more than 26 years since he enrolled for a degree.

Mong’are took to his Facebook to celebrate his new achievement from Daystar University.

He uploaded photos of himself in a graduation gown with the caption, “God has been faithful. Glory be to the highest. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.”

In the run-up to elections, Mong’are kicked up a storm after Kenyans questioned how he completed his degree at the institution in just seven months.

At that time, he was seeking to be cleared to run for the presidency on a Umoja Summit Party ticket.

Defending the credibility of the degree, Mong’are said that he registered for the degree at Daystar in 2016. He said that it took him more than three years to get the degree and that the length of his study hours reduced since he was allowed to take a three-year academic transfer from his former institution, Kenyatta University.

Mong’are in a past interview he revealed that he joined Kenyatta in 1996 but was discontinued in 2000 due to failure to attend lectures.

He said this was because of career demands at the time.

He appealed the decision in 2005 and was allowed to continue with his education but never graduated due to career demands and the school totally discontinued his education.

After the discontinuation, Mong’are opted to enrol for a certificate in advanced graphics at Kul Graphics. After completing his certificate, he joined the Buruburu Institute of Fine Art as a lecturer.

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