Super_rich:Top 5 Richest Kisii billionaires and their businesses

1.Nyachae Family
Late Simeon Nyachae was one of the richest politician and businessman in Kisii region.

He worked in Kenyatta and Moi’s government as minister.Nyachae has companies here at home and abroad.The family also has thousands of acres of lands.

He left behind multi_billion empire

2.Evans Nyang’au

Evans Nyang’au is the founder Transline Classic, initially Transline. He began the company after acquiring two nissans back in 2006, dubbed “Fagilia Kibati” and “Fagilia Prezzo”. The matatus plied the Kisii-Sotik-Nakuru route at the time.

However, after a few months of operation, Nyang’au got the idea to convert his matatus into shuttles plying the Kisii-Nairobi route from an in-law who had launched “Oxygen Shuttle” which was the first nissan shuttles to ply the Kisii-Nairobi route at the time.

Nyang’au renamed his matatus to Transline and brought colleagues on board with whom they further grew the company.

However, as the company grew, the initial partners parted ways and Nyang’au rebranded his company to Transline Classic, and was in partnership with renowned Keroka businessman popularly known as “Toyota”.

3.Evans Nyagaka Anyona

He is a director of Ena at Ena Investments Ltd which owns Ena Coach. He was among the founding members of Transline Classic.

His big break in life came in 1992 when the country was hit by a severe drought. Aware that the drought would be followed by food shortages, the young man bought maize at Ksh7 per tin and, true to his prediction, the ensuing scarcity of the commodity led the prices to jump to Ksh35. With the proceeds, Anyona opened a shop which morphed into a wholesale outlet.

He was encouraged by his uncle to buy his first pick up which he converted to the popular ‘seven aside’ matatus. His business grew and he bought three more seven asides before opting for the modern Nissan and Toyota matatus.

When the opportunity to establish Transline came, he registered his matatus with the company and operated under the umbrella of Transline.

Anyona branched out to run Ena Coach in 2018.

4.Ong’era Moturi Family

The family of late business magnate and powerbroker Ong’era Moturi owns the Guardian Angel buses which ply the Western Kenya routes.

The company operates busses, 11-seater and 14-seater vans. The company also has a parcel delivery service. Since it was founded, the company has grown to rival Transline Classic, and Ena Coach in the Nairobi-Kisii-Kisumu routes.

Guardian also has offices in Kitale, Kakamega, Eldoret, and Nakuru.

Moturi passed away in 2019 and his family has since taken control of his multi-million transport empire.

5.Julius Otange

The renowned Kisii businessman and tycoon is the owner of long-serving Otange Bus Company.

He founded the company in the late 90s and was one of the leading bus companies plying the Sirare-Migori-Kisii-Nairobu routes for over two decades.

otange owns several other properties in Keroka Town including apartments and a fuel station. He also owns several properties in Nairobi and Kisii.

6.Richard Mogire-CEO Of ENA Coach

Richard Mogire is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ena Investments Ltd which owns Ena Coach.

Ena was founded in 2008, but operated under the umbrella of another leading transport services provider in Transline Classic. In 2018, owners of the company felt that they could stand on their own feet, and in November that year, they branched out and officially started operating as Ena Coach.

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