From a millionaire to a beggar:Story of Dorcas Kagendo who was a Millionaire but Now she’s Broke and Begging for Food.

Dorcas Kagendo is one of the people who have been through alot in life. After climbing more steps in life, and making it , she all over sudden returned to zero. From rich to poor, this is something that do happen and no one wishes to be in a situation like this.

Kagendo comes from Kenya in Central Province. She was a very brilliant girl and after completing her education she started working in NGOs and some good companies. Due to her hardwork she kept own being promoted and made good amount of money.

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She even managed to buy two cars. This time she was a millionaire. She even opened several businessess and even invested in real estate business. Money wasn’t a problem for her , even when her baby daddy left her, she didn’t have difficulties to feed her child.

After making millions in Kenya, Dorcas Kagendo got an opportunity to go and work in Saudi Arabia. It was a good deal, that was going to get more money than she was making in Kenya.

However when in Saudi Arabia , things went left. She started becoming sick. She developed kidney failures and accompanied with other serious health conditions including cancer.

Her condition made her to be brought back in Kenya. Dorcas Kagendo was now forced to start selling her properties to pay for treatment. She sold everything she had in order to buy medicines for kidney failure and cancer. Within months she became broke because she was left with nothing. Her condition kept on getting worse and she ever started begging money from people.

Some of her friends cutted her off and she has been struggling. She is even being forced to beg for food from people, despite being at stage four of cancer. Dorcas is now urging people of good will to help her. We hope everything will be well and Quick recovery Dorcas.

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