He’s the Richest man in Western Kenya:The Imposing Estate US Based Kenyan Billionaire Julius Mwale Calls Home

Julius Mwale is a 45 years old serial investor and technology entrepreneur who hails from Kakamega, Kenya where he was born, raised and attended school.

He would later join the Kenya Airforce where he acquired skills in technology research and internet infrastructure.

In a twisted series of events that owed to property wars, Mwale fled the country to seek asylum and in 2001 he went to the United States to chase his dreams.

However, during his first year, life took a toll on him, rendering him homeless before founding SBA Technology, a biometrics company based in New York. This was the start of his success story that would see him owning a palatial home in the opulent Bedford area in New York.

The opulent Bedford Estate, New York

Bedford is a prestigious private estate found in Westchester County, made up of Bedford Hills, Bedford Village, and Katonah. It is indubitably one of the richest communities in America. Among the most famous residents in the neighbourhood are Bill Gates and the former President Donald Trump, who bought a sprawling estate, Seven Springs, a 60 room mansion, for $7.5 million in 1995.

It is in this property that Trump allowed the fallen Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to pitch a Bedouin-style tent in 2009, when he was in New York to address the United Nations General Assembly, when no hotel would accommodate him.

Bedford is about an hour’s drive from New York. Mwale’s palatial homestead is situated near Byram Lake Reservoir, 45 miles north of New York City.

Popular Vlogger Miss Trudy interviewed the billionaire and shared a glimpse into his majestic compound.

At the heart of this estate, Julius Mwale owns a state-of-the-art residential property. The compound has a beautiful vast garden with many tree species where the humble billionaire spends time reading books, unwinding and connecting with nature.

Mwale also keeps goats, chickens, birds, donkeys and horses. In fact, Bedford is well known for horse farms. He has nineteen horse staples in the property and a chicken farm that has about 3,000 organic chicken heads, a true portrayal of his Luhya roots.

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