My one boob can buy you a nice car,pay rent and feed you for ten years~Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika insists her hips and booty are real and 100 per cent natural whereas she admits her boobs and teeth are fake.

The controversial socialite while speaking during an interview with Kamene Goro explained that she had to get fake boobs because her hips and booty were big while her boobs were small.

She said noted that she went under the knife to get fake big boobs so that her body could be proportional.

“All parts of me are me but I bought some part of me. You buy it, you own it. My hips and butt is real. I had a big butt way before I became famous. I wanted to be a bit more proportional,” Vera Said.

She further revealed that she underwent the breast surgery in US where she spent $6,000 or Ksh7,254,000 on the procedure.

“I got my boobs done at Beverly Hills and also got my teeth done. They are certified doctors. Incase of anything you can sue them. You get your money’s worth. I got this done three four years ago. It cost me 6000 dollars,” she said.

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