Recipe of the day: How to prepare dog meat Badagry style

The preparation and consumption of dog meat isn’t only peculiar to China, Korea and Vietnam, but also to many parts of Nigeria.

The constant debate when it comes to dog meat is if it is right or not to eat what is considered man’s best friend. Well, there are many who are in the business of doing so and are making quite the income from it.

Dog as a form of meat is an unconventional food that is eaten in Nigeria, mostly found in Calabar and Ondo. However, it is more spread out than people think. In fact, dog meat is being prepared and sold in parts of Enugu and, as we see here, Badagry. Some of the consumers have their various reasons for eating dog, but most see it as every other meat.

The wide variety of culture doesn’t allow this conversation about the morality of eating dog meat to be had without nuance, and one cannot categorically disregard another culture just because he/she cannot understand it.

So, for those interested, here is how some people in Badagry prepare their dog meat.



1. Wash and chop meat into sizeable pieces of your choice.

2. Place meat in a clean pot. Add the seasoning cubes, pepper, onions, scent leaves and salt to taste. Pour about two cups of water and allow to boil till skin is a bit soft.

3. Strain the meat.

4. Heat up a grill and place the meat and allow to grill on all sides for about 20 minutes.

You can serve your grilled dog meat with cold palm wine!

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