She was told “the other baby was a shadow”~Woman Expecting Twins Cries For Justice after Getting 1 Newborn

A family in Gatundu North is now accusing doctors at Gatundu Level 5 hospital of child theft after receiving one child during delivery instead of the twins they were expecting.

Lucy Njoki, who got pregnant in July 2021, narrated that during her prenatal clinics, scans showed she was pregnant with twins, but something mischievous happened on the day of delivery.

Speaking to Inooro TV, Njoki and her husband recounted that the prenatal scans had also picked two heartbeats adding that doctors at Kigumo Level 4 Hospital, where she was going for her clinics before birth.

“The doctor (at Kigumo) could tell the weight of my unborn twins, who he said was a boy and a girl. One was 2.6 kgs while the other was 2.4kgs,” Njoki’s husband said, adding that his wife came home elated after discovering they were having twins.

However, on their delivery day, in April 2022, their joy was turned into pain as Njoki was referred to Gatundu Level 5 Hospital, where she claimed one of her twins was kidnapped.

“We arrived at Gatundu but the doctors at Gatundu were not very kind. One of them came and ran some tests on me, confirming that I was carrying twins and that was why I was scheduled for a C-section,” Njoki said.

Njoki claimed during the C-section, she noticed one of the doctors leave the room after the kids were taken out of her body.

“This is when the doctor told me they had found one baby in my womb during surgery. I was confused because a doctor from the hospital did a scan on me and found out I was carrying twins, which was why I was sent for a CS,” she said.

To make the matters worse, the scans which showed she was having twins had disappeared mysteriously as she was in surgery.

Since then, Njoki and her husband have been in agony, wondering what happened to their other child and the scans which showed she was pregnant with twins.

She is now asking for help to get to the bottom of the matter.

“They told me the other other child they thought they saw in the scans was just the shadow of this baby,” Njoki said.

On its part, the hospital insists that the mother only gave birth to one child.

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