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End Times!:Man Putting on Cobra-Designed Shoes Causes Stir Online

An incredible video of a person showing off his cobra-designed shoe while flexing his wardrobe selection has raked in views and massive reactions from internet users.

The short clip, shared on bcrworldwide and spotted by, begins with the rare footwear in the face of viewers as it highlights the cobra design.

Seconds into the footage, the person turns partly to show the other side of the shoe after giving the audience a look at the front view.

Aside from the cobra-designed footwear, the person spotted black trousers while flexing with confidence. It is unclear whether the individual in the video was a man or a woman. Some netizens, however, suspect the person was a man.

After watching the clip, internet users shared their thoughts in the comment section, with many posting rib-cracking comments.


Itsdivanish94 said:

This made me laugh loud.

Towander.bia reacted:

Don’t tell me it’s a black guy wearing that.

Sky Jackson’s commented:

What in the world is going on here I know you lying get the gun.

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