Revealed:How Evangelist Ezekiel filled the Kasarani Stadium on November 27, 2022, single handedly

Evangelist Ezekiel has brought Social media to a standstill in Kenya after filling up the Kasarani Stadium on November 27, 2022

Pastor Ezekiel is a renowned man of God in Kenya and has joined Prophet Owuor in commanding large crowds when it comes to worship.

The pastor evangelizes at the New Life Church and he apparently drew a large crowd at Kasarani for his ministry on Sunday.

People travelled from all over the country to come and listen to the man of God while others came for healing.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi who is the wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was in attendance and she stated that Kenyans are starving for the word of God.

She also added that the multitude had come to witness miracles, healings and wonders by Evangelist Ezekiel.

Evangelist Ezekiel made the impossible possible by filling up the stadium, something which the country’s top politicians failed to do during the campaign period.

People have taken to the internet to compare him to Prophet Owuor who is known for commanding such large crowds wherever he goes.

Nearly everyone on social media is questioning how the pastor managed to convince such many people to attend his service in the 60, 000 seater stadium!

Was the crowd genuine? Were people ferried from the villages? Are his miracles real? Questions have continued to stream in but no one has a perfect answer for each of them.

Rumours have it that Evangelist Ezekiel has performed miracles in the past where the crippled have walked and those with cancer the disease has faded away.

Could this be true or is it just propaganda?

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