Hii Serikali inatakaka Kuvuna Penye Hawakupanda!:Govt Changes Issuance of Licenses for Content Creators

On Tuesday, November 29, the government asked both online and television content creators to register their businesses with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

In a move aimed at re-defining the role of film agents in the country, KFCB allowed independent content creators to seek licences directly from the board.

KFCB’s acting chief executive officer, Christopher Wambua, noted that all necessary procedures were undertaken to ensure that the process is easy and efficient.

“In line with requirements of the Constitution of Kenya (2010), KFCB subjected the proposal to public participation through various media platforms,” the board CEO explained.

Content creators are expected to provide intrinsic details about their trade, including the type of content, line of production, revenue sources and necessary support they may need from the government.

KFCB adopted the new model to protect Kenyan content creators from shrewd brokers manipulating them to secure licences. 

“Stakeholders including industry players, endorsed the board’s proposal to confine the scope of film agent license to the provision of international standard services to foreign film and television producers,” Wambua told journalists.

Kenya has seen a surge in the number of online content creators since the onset of the pandemic. 

A total of eleven Kenyan YouTubers and producer Brendern Denousse, popularly known as Ukweli, were on November 15 selected to join the 2023 cohort of YouTubeBlack Voices.

YouTube announced that the eleven were part of 40 content creators and two producers who will be trained on how to improve their channels.

The eleven Kenyans will also receive funding to the tune of Ksh8.5 million and mentorship on how to grow their audience. 

Other successful content creators include Terence Creatives, Eric Omondi, Azziad Nasenya, Eve Mungai Crazy Kenar, King Julius of Wololo TV and Abel Mutua. 

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