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Billionaire’s Nest:Inside Raila’s Multi_million Lush Karen Home With Bullet Proof Glass Windows

Raila Odinga is one of Kenya’s richest politician, courtesy of his long career and investments in oil and gas, land, manufacturing among other ventures.

In the run up to the election, the politician said he was worth around KSh 2 billion. He owns numerous luxurious homes including a humongous yellow structure in Riat Hills in Kisumu that reportedly cost hundreds of millions.

Raila’s home is highly secured and the only access is through a private road. There is a main gate with guards to ensure only authorised people go through.

A tarmac road lined by green fences on either side leads from the barrier towards the house which is totally fenced off. Given his prominence, Raila’s compound is guarded around the clock by numerous police officers.

The politician often offers a glimpse into his luxurious mansion by sharing photos hosting guests.

Last year,Kenyans were amazed by photos of a glass room that offering calming views of the lush, well-trimmed garden with numerous trees, shrubs and flowers.

The wealthy politician shared the images while hosting religious leaders after William Ruto was declared the election winner by the IEBC. The glass room features high-end seats that could comfortably host around 20 people.

Raila could easily work from home as she has an office, and he previously shared an image seated behind an iMac.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent visit to Raila offered a glimpse inside the main house with well-polished wooden floors.

In 2017, the premiere also shared images of his classy living room featuring white chairs as he played host to former Citizen TV journalist Hussein Mohamed.

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