Nateseka!I need surgery to stop growing,i can’t get a bed that fits me! ~ World’s Tallest Man Cries For Help

Although Sulemana Abdul Samed aka Awuche has become popular across the globe following reports about his height, and the likelihood of him being the tallest man in the world, it is a health problem for him and he needs help to stop growing taller.

In an interview on Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily on Tuesday, January 10, the 29-year-old man from the Northern part of Ghana, lamented his condition, appealing for help to remedy it.

According to him, Doctors at the Tamale Teaching Hospital have told him that he will continue to grow taller unless a performed surgery to halt it.

“I need help for surgery because the doctors said the growth is in my head, so I need surgery to stop it,” Samed cried in the Citi TV report.

The young man went on further to disclose that he is also suffering from chronic pains in his spinal cord, ostensibly as a result of the rare height.

Aside from the health-related issues associated with the height, Samed bemoaned how he has to use at least 14 yards of material to sew a single cloth for himself and that also has financial implications for him.

He spoke about how his mobile money business which served as a source of income for him has collapsed due to the financial pressure.

“Aside from clothing, Awuche does not have a befitting bed.

“His double-sized mattress and a student mattress have been combined to give him relative comfort, even that, he has to sleep in a diagonal way.

“From afar, he looks tall and like a giant but a closer view of him reveals Awuche is physically unfit.

“He is battling chronic wounds with a bandage tied to his left leg. There is also a visible wound on the right leg plus other health conditions,” reports.

Awuche visited a local hospital recently for one of his routine check-ups where he was told that he was 9 ft 6in (2.89m) tall, a height that would have made him the tallest man in the world.

It, however, turned out that the health facility did not have the appropriate measuring tool, so the height was inaccurate.

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