Top 5 Most Celebrated Mugithi Singers in Kenya 2023

Every Kikuyu for instance, will tell you about Mugithi. Mugithi is popular kikuyu music majorly performed by singer with the back up of musical instruments like guitars, piano and drums.

Following death of legendary Mugithi singers like De’Mathew and Salim Junior, a new generation of artists has taken the industry by storm.

Top 5 dopest Mugithi Singers

Samuel Muchoki ( Samidoh)

Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, popularly known as Samidoh is indisputably one of the best Mugithi artist in Kenya.

Samidoh hails from Subukia, Nakuru County. He started his music journey immediately after completing his secondary school studies.

After KCSE, Samidoh travelled to Nairobi where he joined Kamanda wa Kioi band. At the time, his older brother was a drummer in the band.

After two years working for Kioi, Samidoh parted ways with a plan of becoming an artist. He recorded his first song in 2018, Ndiri mutwe Mwega (My head ain’t straight).

His major breakthrough came in 2019, when he released Wendo wi Cama featuring Joyce wa Mama.The song placed became so popular that it earned Samidoh a lot of fame.

Samidoh enjoys large following on social media. He has 369K Youtube subscribers with his songs garnering over 48,346,223 views.

Some of his songs include;

Ihoya Ria Samidoh
Ndiri Mutwe Mwega
Kairitu Gakwa
Niwe Ndarathimiirwo
Riari Itheru Wendo Maguta
Wendo Na Urimu
Tuhii TwituNiwathire Naihenya
Wendo Wi Cama ft. Joyce Wa Mama
Wendo Maguta
Murata Wa Ngai
Vijana Tutokelezee ft. Katempa Kanua Njohi Ini

John Waithaka Mwangi (Waithaka wa Jane)

John Waithaka is popularly known as Waithaka wa Jane. He hails from Mathioya,Murang’a County.

In an earlier interview, Waithaka wa Jane revealed that he draws his inspiration from the late singer Salim Junior. He sings Mugithi articulately, something that has earned him a lot of respect in the industry.

In a recent polls that were recently conducted by Gukena FM, on who is the best Mugithi singer, most of the respodents preffered Waithaka.

He enjoys considerably large following on social media. He has 82.3K Youtube subscribers with his videos garnering over 9,865,399 views.

Some of his songs include;

Wangeci Mwana Ni Ekumosaa
Niki giki waheire
Wandigiire Mwana Ukihika
mwendwa ng’endo
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Antony Kamau (Tony Young)

Tony Young was born in Kiambu County. His vocals and mastery of guitar has placed him as among the best Mugithi singers in Kenya.

In a earlier interview with popular Kikuyu radio personality Jeff Kuria, Tony revealed that he had passion for music from while he was young.

After doing KCSE, Tony hustled and bought his first guitar. He then went to his uncle who taught him some few chord.

Tony rose to fame when he was given a chance to perform in one of the local radio station. To the surprise of many, Tony performed for 3 hours without repeating any song.

He enjoys 85.4K Youtube subscribers with his videos getting over 10,162,932 views. He also has a considerably large following on social media platforms.

Joseph Kanyi ( Jose Gatutura)

Jose Gatutura is one of Mugithi Kings courtesy of his great voice. He also loves to refer to himself as Mashette the King.

Jose enjoys large following on his social media. If Youtube is anything to go by, he takes the second position after Samidoh.

He enjoys 222K Youtube subscribers with his songs garnering over 36,689,929 views.

Some of his songs include;

Thii Ukiuma
Ninjui ni Urimi
Mwari wa Uthamaki
Tuirio Tuega
Haha Nigute
Utonga ni Waku
Utuku Umwe
Thimu ya China
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Simon Wachira Mwangi (90K ka Msoh)

90k Ka msoh hails from Nyandarua county, Oljololok constituency. He is Mugiithi singer, Guitarist, Vocalist and a Song writer.

90K bought his first guitar while in form two with intention of performing in night clubs. He bacame so popular due to his uniquestyle of dressing.

In an earlier interview with local radio station, 90k revealed that he attributes his success to Samuel Muchoki (Samidoh). He revealed that Samidoh paid the entire cost of his first production.

90k enjoys considerably large following on social media. He has over 34K Youtube subscribers with his videos having 2,439,374 views.

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