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Leaving dirty plates in the sink causes conflict in marriages, study shows

Your relationship is suffering as a result of dirty plates.

Taking the trash out is boring and tedious, sweeping might be a bit endurable, and even cooking might not be a big deal for many, but the one chore that can break the camel’s back and damage your relationship is when one person leaves dirty dishes in the sink for the other to wash every time.

The top source of marital stress, according to a recent report from the Council on Contemporary Families (CCF), a non-profit organisation that researches family dynamics, is doing the dishes.

Whether the plates are left piling up in the kitchen or not will determine your happiness and relationship satisfaction.

The study hypothesises that this may be the case since washing dishes is the most monotonous and exhausting daily activity.

Whenever food is cooked, dishes pile up and we act more than thrice a day sometimes.

According to the study, however, less than one-third of males share the detested chore of cleaning the dishes with their partner, but men let their wives do the dishes. According to earlier studies, women who don’t get any assistance with washing the dirty dishes had more turmoil in their relationships, very little relationship satisfaction, and bad or no sex compared to women whose partners help them wash the dishes.

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