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She wants to be 10 times better than men!:Meet a talented female barber who uses a knife to shave customers

A Nigerian lady who erks a living cutting hair has demonstrated that clippers aren’t all there is to get the job done.

In a TikTok video, she made her male customer choose between her cutting his hair with a pair of scissors or a knife.

The young man picked a knife and she immediately set to work. She gave him a nice low cut and added a styled parting at the frontal right side. She asked netizens to rate her work.

Social media users found it hard to believe as the lady never made a mistake while the barbing lasted.

The clip has gone viral on the platform.

Social media reacts to lady cutting hair with knife

Horbatea said:

“Between me and you we both know The knife is not the ordinary one we use to cut onions.”

martainoverified said:

“My neighbour pikin need do see dis video, everytime e dey bkame hin clipper if he barb finish.. make e see say lady dey even use knife and its nice.”

runie ✔️ cherry said:

“There is blade on the other side of the , no matter how sharp knife is, it cannot cut hair unless u hold d hair tip.”

WillzArt said:

“On my way to ur salon again… this knife treatment won’t pass me by.”

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