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Nyambaria High: Former Maranda Principal Helps Nyambaria Boys Floor Traditional Giants to Top 2022 KCSE with 10.8 Mean Score

Nyambaria Boys High School from Nyamira county could be the best school in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

The school posted a mean grade score of 10.89, outdoing itself among the traditional academic giants who had edged over others for years on end.

Of the total candidates, 28 scored straight As; 383 finalists secured a mean grade of A-(minus).

Seventy-six candidates attained B+ (plus), with only one getting a B (plain).

In a departure from tradition, Machogu did not read out the names of the top students while releasing the 2022 results at Mtihani House yesterday.

His move elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans who were eager to know the identities of the top performers.


@Disembe commented:

“Nasikia even schools do not have their mean scores. You have to get the results of your ex-students from the students themselves (that’s if they are kind enough to send them to the school).”

@OngukoGeorge opined:

“Hii ni ukora na cooking ndio inafanyika. Results sasa zitakua zinanunuliwa! What is happening to this society? There must be winners and losers in everything.”

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