Show us the families of those people you’re performing miracles on!:Pastor Ezekiel’s Miracles Raises Eyebrows

Theologian Francis Musili Kauta has raised eyebrows over the miracles performed by Mombasa-based Prophet Ezekiel Odero.

A letter written to the man of God by the Bible scholar seeks clarification on the highly-publicised miracles through mainstream and social media.

According to Musili, his careful analysis of the scripture seems to contradict the values the prophet upholds in word and deed.

He hinged his argument on the fact that in the Bible, Jesus performed miracles to specific people from certain villages.

“Jesus resurrected Lazarus in Bethany and healed Bartimaeus in Jericho. In Jerusalem, Peter and John healed the crippled man,” Musili argues.

He, therefore, prevails upon the prophet to produce evidence of the people he has healed and their locations.

Musili wonders why everyone sees recipients of miracles throwing away crutches at Prophet Odero’s crusades, but not even the media knows where the people come from.

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