9 Steps for Applying For New Generation Number Plates

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) made public nine steps involved in applying for the new generation number plates.

According to a notice shared on Friday, January 27, motorists in the country will be charged Ksh3,050 to acquire the new plates.

The process of acquiring new generation number plates would only take seven days, while the transfer of logbook ownership is slated to take three days.

The transport authority advised motorists to visit its official website in order to access the service.

Application Process

Step 1: After entering the login details, motorists must select the vehicle registration and then apply for a reflective plate.

Step 2: Select the vehicle you are applying the plates for, from the list of vehicles in your account and click on the Next button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3: On the next tab, select the reason for applying, which is for the acquisition of new generation number plates.

Step 4: This step involves selecting the preferred method of receiving communication from NTSA regarding the status of the new number plate application. The most preferred methods are text messages or email.

Step 5: Under the new integrated system, motorists will also choose their preferred number plate format, either square or oblong.

Step 6: To enable NTSA to process the new generation number plates, drivers must also upload the original logbooks and old plates, both front and rear, in PDF format.

Step 7: Motorists would also be expected to indicate the collection centre and the National Identification Number (ID) of the person who will collect the new generation number plate.

Step 8: After indicating the collection points, NTSA online system will prompt them to pay Ksh3,050.

Step 9: After meeting all the requirements, NTSA will then send a text message indicating when the new generation number plate will be ready.

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