Reasons Why Raila Has Left the Country for Nigeria

Azimio coalition party leader Raila Odinga on Monday, January 30, left the country for Nigeria.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) confirmed that Raila jetted out of the country on an early morning flight to the West African country to attend a continental conference.

“The party leader arrived in Abuja, Nigeria today for the 2022 Annual Leadership Conference and Awards slated for January 31,” the statement read in part.

Odinga was selected as a keynote speaker during the two-day conference which will be held at the Inter-National Conference Centre, Abuja.

Organisers of the event explained that he was selected because of his role in championing democracy, pushing for free and fair elections, and planning to alleviate Africans from poverty through good leadership.

Odinga touched down at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport where he was received by the Director of Leadership Group, Abraham Nda-Ishaiah.

Officials from the Kenyan High Commission in Abuja as well as Nigerian government officials also met the Azimio Chief.

This is Odinga’s second foreign trip in as many weeks. On January 13, he left the country for South Africa in his role as African Union Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

His spokesman, Dennis Onyango, explained that the Azimo leader’s trip was centred around reviewing the status of the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa Priority Action Plan 2 (PIDA-PAP2).

Upon his return, he led supporters to the Kamukunji Grounds where he gave his stand following the findings of the election whistleblower.

Raila made eight declarations including the fact that he did not recognise President William Ruto as the legitimate head of state.

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