How Videos Leaked By Mike Sonko Has Led to Ouster of High Court Judge Said Chitembwe

A tribunal formed by former president Uhuru Kenyatta to investigate the professional suitability of the suspended High Court Judge Said Chitembwe has recommended his sacking.

Uhuru suspended Chitembwe in May 2022, to pave way for investigations into allegations of impropriety and gross misconduct levelled against him.

After investigations, the tribunal, in its findings presented to President William Ruto on Tuesday, February 7, recommended he be removed from office.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko presented his petition to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking the judge’s ouster.

Sonko had dragged Chitembwe’s name into his 2020 impeachment and also accused him of compromising cases.

In the video clips circulated online, Chitembwe who is in an office is captured engaging in conversations involving the exchange of money to facilitate favourable rulings.

In another viral clip, a man who identifies himself as Chitembwe’s brother is also caught on camera talking about the payment of KSh100 million.

“If you are paid the KSh100 million, you are being paid in your capacity as a nominee of Justice Chitembwe on this matter?” the man is asked to which he responds in affirmative.

But, speaking to KTN TV, the judge said that Sonko was trying to bring him down because of his anger after dismissing the case challenging the swearing-in of Anne Kananu as governor.

“I have no problem with anybody because my conscience is clear. The totality of this is anger by Sonko because he is out of office and we cannot encourage someone who has lost to be the one kicking out judges just because he has lost,” said Chitembwe.

Chitembwe said that the videos were taken around July, after delivering the judgment on Kananu’s case, adding that he did not receive any amount of money as claimed.

“There was no money to be paid, the videos were edited to frame me…the amounts being floated were not known to me, I just heard them in the video,” he added.

The judge was also accused of gross judicial misconduct, including discussing the merits of a matter pending in court, with third parties.

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