A Boy Who Scored 364 marks Despite Dropping out Of School For 1yr to Take Care of Sick Dad Forced to Repeat in Primary Due to Poverty

A young boy scored impressive marks despite sitting out for a year to take care of his ailing dad.

Lewis Mwandiki who sat for his final primary exams at Jeieni Junior Primary School in Tigania West Sub County within Meru county scored 364 marks.

“He had sat out for close to a year because I could not afford his school fees with my medical condition then. I had a stomach wound which persisted for a year when my son had to drop out of school,” George Kirimi, the father said.

The headteacher sponsored Mwandiki to alleviate the burden of school fees on the father and he repaid good deeds by performing well.

Mwandiki was called to Chogoria Boys High School but the financial burden has challenged the family.

“I also talked to the chief who advised me to sign up with Equity Bank and KCB in the hope of getting sponsorship for my bright son. We have not received anything. I talked to the chief as well who requested the school to hold my son’s slot as we look for help,” he added.

The local chief, Winfred Kagwiria noted Mwandiki came from a humble background which did not make him give up.

She noted that the sponsorship Mwandiki received from the principal, disqualified him from any other scholarship.

“He has decided to repeat Class 8 at Lairangi Primary School,” Kagwiria added.

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