Hatuwezi Teseka na Wewe Uko Hapa!:Kenyans Now Want Bungoma Man Calling Himself Jesus To Be Crucified This Friday Like Jesus

Yesu Wa Tongaren, real name Eliud Wekesa captivated the nation after claiming to be the Christian Messiah.

Just like the Biblical Crist, Wekesa claimed to perform a miracle of turning water into tea. He also has a group of 12 disciples.

Wekesa’s story spread liek a bushfire, and a witty Kenyan suggested that Wekesa should imitate the life of Jesus to the end.

According to the Facebook user, Yesu Wa Tongaren should have his turn at the cross arguing that christening himself Jesus should also come with repercussions.

“Huyu yesu wa Bungoma lazima tumsulubishe. Haezi jiita Yesu na hajateswa can’t happen Ama mnaonaje (This Bungoma man should be crucified. He cannot call himself Jesus without suffering. What do you guys think?”

Interestingly, numerous Kenyans agreed with the suggestion, in good humour. Some even suggested fundraising money for the cross.

Patrick Ofwiti Masiga:

“Crucify him.”

Xpin Artisan:

“I don’t think he can handle the thrashing.”

Wanyama Wakoli:

“We are waiting for Juda and Simon. Those are major characters in that mission.”

Gerald Wamai:

“I have six inch nails and a hammer. Let others raise money for the cross.”

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