”Hadi Ako na Boobs?!” Netizens Question Kevin Kinuthia’s Gender.

The famous male crossdresser and tiktoker Kevin Kinuthia caused stir online, after sharing a photo of him wearing a thirst trap female attire, that was barely exposing his body parts.

The tiktoker is used to wearing female outfits , however for this one, netizens were shocked, because his chest was not like the normal men’s chest.

From the photo, the tiktoker seems to have ‘ big boobs’ , unlike most men who only have small nipples.

This raised the eyebrows of many Kenyans and even some started questioning his gender. A good number of netizens think that he is not a normal man, this is because of his attires and also everything he usually does.

Kinuthia himself has never revealed his gender, however he has ever talked about getting married and getting pregnant. This was a hot topic online because people have never seen a man getting pregnant.

He seems not to care about peoples perception about him, as they keep on talking, Kevin Kinuthia continues doing what he does more perfectly.

He has gained numbers online and on YouTube he is also doing well, he is among the young successful content creators in Kenya, he is only 20 years but living a very lavish lifestyle.

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