China Square:The newest,cheapest shopping spot for almost all Nairobians

Located at Unicity mall Thika road, China Square has taken the city by storm.

Dubois, Kamukunji and Eastleigh all under one roof. This place has been crawling with people for the past few days.

With the current economical state and people continuously going above and beyond to make ends meet, netizens are mesmerized by how affordable things are in this place.

If you have never impulse shopped or done retail therapy, just as Ecclesiastes 3 says “There is a time for everything” this could be your time.

According to netizens, with the right budget and time you can leave the place with not only quantity but quality products.

“I finally went to that China Square at KU mall and they are after women’s money unfortunately, vitu smart,” a social media user Veronica Kibathi tweeted.

“China Square is the new Alibaba. Those prices are unbelievable,” another social media user, Zelipher posted.

Over the weekend China Square was fully packed. This led to long service lines and reduced parking.

“China Square is House of leather Promax but without the maze,” Karry a social media user posted.

The place has a little bit of something for everyone.

Apart from netizens swearing by it being among the most affordable place to shop, they also gave things to be on the lookout for when going there.

One was requested to eat properly, the place is big thus involving a lot of walking and it does not offer food stuff, soft drinks only.

When visiting the place assure you have time and are patient to be able to accommodate the long queues.

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