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Man Claiming to Be Real Stivo Simple Boy, Accuses Singer of Stealing His Songs

A man who slightly resembles Stivo Simple Boy has accused the musician of stealing his songs.

According to the man, he is the real Stivo Simple Boy, but people don’t know him.

Who is real Stivo Simple Boy? In a video shared on TikTok video by Cartoon 47, the Freshi Barida hitmaker had gone to record a video for his new song when he met his lookalike.

The man interrupted the singer’s video shoot and claimed he is the real Stivo.

He hilariously said Stivo takes advantage of being famous and richer to steal his songs and use them as his own.

“Here we have Stivo A and Stivo B. So we don’t know the real one between them. Who is A and who is B?” a person at the scene asked.

He added:

“This one claims he is the real Stivo. That Stivo usually steals his song and upload them on YouTube as his own. Stivo was shooting a video and this man came here and stopped the shooting as he claims the song is his.”

Stivo and his doppelganger argued for a moment with each insisting he is the real Stivo.

The man claimed Stivo steals his songs and uses them to record videos because he has more money than him. Re

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