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How often should men wash their boxers?

Research has shown men do not wash their underwear often.

If you ask any man how often he washes his underwear, he might say every day, but that’s not true.

In a poll by the British furniture business Hammonds, which examined the laundry habits of 2,000 people, one out of four men admitted to only washing their underwear after wearing it five times.

One in every five men does not change their underpants regularly according to market research firm, Mintel.

Another study by UK store Marks & Spencer revealed that over a third of men only change their underwear every two to three days.

Last but not least, according to a survey conducted by American bleach maker Clorox, one in eight men wear their underwear twice or even three times.

The definition of “dirty” clothes is the idea that even if your clothing appears to be clean hidden bacteria from sweat, body oils, discharges and dead skin cells may be growing there.

How often should men wear clean underwear?

a)Men’s underwear should be washed after each daily use.

b)It should also be washed after engaging in exercise.

c)Wear fresh and clean underwear before attending a social gathering.

d)Wear clean underwear after taking a shower especially at the end of the day or in the morning.

Men need to buy underwear at least once a month, so they don’t repeat the same one or two they have everyday.

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