Meet a 63_year_old Kakamega Man With 8 Wives, 7 Side Chicks, and 107 Children

In an interview, a Kenyan man named David Zakayo Kalukhana bragged about having eight wives and seven concubines.

The 63-year-old guy, who is from a community on the massive Nandi escarpment in the Kakamega North sub-county, explained why he decided to wed so many women.

He claims it’s because a head like his can’t be controlled by just one lady. And he said he is “too brilliant” for just one woman.

He can control the number of minds and ideas in his head since he has numerous spouses.

“A head like mine cannot be governed by one woman,” he said. It is comparable to a large sack of maize that must be divided into smaller pieces for transportation.

To manage the number of brains and ideas in my head, I need a lot of spouses. I am too intelligent For one wife.

The man, who has 107 children from his eight wives and seven concubines, spoke on how he provides for them.

He claimed to cultivate maize and sugarcane for his family’s food on a half-acre parcel of land. Three semi-permanent homes with mud walls and iron sheet roofs make up his compound.

He claims that in order to provide for his family, he also works menial jobs like landscaping.

“I have wives in several locations. I go outside to do menial tasks when I’m not farming, like building stone fences around people’s homes. I have been able to support my family financially thanks to the well-paying work.” He said.

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