Tuko Njaa Bwanaa!:Angry Azimio Supporters Storm Ezra Chiloba’s Meeting and Take Away Food Forcing Chiloba to Run For Safety

The director general to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) Ezra Chiloba on Wednesday, March 15, fled an event’s venue after Azimio supporters came calling.

Chiloba showed up at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Sports Complex in Kisumu where he was to officiate the event marking world consumer rights day.

The event organised by the CAK was aimed at celebrating and empowering consumers to exercise their rights.

According to sources, the protesters had earlier camped at the county commissioner’s office before they found their way to the sports complex.

At the time of the protestors’ arrival, Chiloba was holding a presser which he cut short after spotting them coming in their numbers.

He then got into his car which hurriedly left before the incoming crowd settled.

In their minds however was ICT CS Eliud Owalo whom they heard was around and wanted to meet; they did not find him despite their thorough search.

On spotting some attendants, the protesters made their way there and took charge of everything.

They are said to have taken all the food prepared by a catering team, leaving the organisers and attendees without any.

Defending themselves, the rowdy group claimed they had been starving for a while and that they would not let the chance slip off without capitalising on it.

“You can be inside here feeling good when we go hungry. We only see this juice on TV,” one is quoted by Capital FM as having said.

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