List of Most Popular and Marketable University Courses Based on KUCCPS Cluster Points

Students who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exam (KCSE) exams in 2022 are set to apply for various undergraduate courses offered by Kenyan universities.

According to Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), students who scored C+ and above will select courses based on cluster points.

Cluster points are a KCSE examination student’s computed performance in four subjects required for admission to a given degree programme against that of the best candidates in the particular KCSE examination year.

In total, KUCCPS has listed 560 undergraduate degree programmes that have been classified into 20 clusters.

“In the past, the cluster groups were based on available job opportunities but currently they are determined by the number of slots available in universities against the number of students applying,” KNEC Examiner revealed.

According to the KUCCPS portal, the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is at Cluster 1 and the most applied course.

“Law is a most sought-after course in Kenya and since most universities offering Law can accommodate a high number of students, it becomes the most applied course,” Osango explained.

After Law, most students apply for Business, Hospitality and related courses according to the KUCCPS portal.

Currently, there are 64 different undergraduate programs under the category indicating why it is very popular amongst students.

In Cluster 3, KUCCPS lists Social Sciences, Media Studies, Fine Arts, Film, Animations, Graphics and related courses.

Osango explained that the category is popular for two reasons; First, the cluster points required are generally low making many students apply for them and secondly, like in Law, the slots are usually many in institutions offering those courses.

In Cluster 4, KUCCPS lists Geosciences and related courses which consist of sixteen undergraduate programs.

Engineering, Engineering Technology and related courses are ranked in Cluster 5.

“Ideally, you would expect more students to apply for engineering courses compared to geosciences but that is not the case.

In Cluster 6, KUCCPS lists Architecture, Building Construction and related courses.

KUCCPS in an earlier statement announced medicine and health-related courses were in demand but on the website, it is in Cluster 13.

On what makes a course popular during the application process, he explains, “KUCCPS automatically locks you out from selecting certain courses if you do not meet the required points making you go for a second alternative”

“If a student wants to apply for Medicine but is locked out because of cluster points, chances are he will go for Law pushing it up higher in popularity scale,” he adds.

The other clusters in order of popularity are: Computing and Information Technology; Agribusiness; Actuarial Science, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics and Statistics; Interior and Fashion Design; Sports Science; History and Archaeology; Agriculture; Geography; French and German; Music; Education and Religious Studies. 

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