“I Made Ksh3.4million”~Tiktoker Njoki Murira educates her fans on how to be a millionaire on tiktok

Njoki Murira, a Kenyan content creator, revealed that she earns a fair living from the dance videos she uploads to Tik Tok.

Njoki said she had earned Ksh 3.4 Million from Tik Tok Live in a social media Q&A with her followers.

She also provided a screenshot of the diamonds, which now number 6,803,013.
She urged her followers to divide the Diamonds by two to calculate her earnings over the previous five months.

The content creator also said she works with several companies and some brands to top up her source of income.

Tik Tok is for entertainment, but it can also be used to generate income, Njoki reminded her admirers.

” Don’t get it twisted, Tik Tok is for fun but I do earn from it. You can make videos for fun but you can also go live for fun too so it is up to you ”

Speaking about how she started making videos, she revealed that she used to sell mtumba clothes and sometimes when customers didn’t show up, she would make a video. It didn’t take long for her videos to trend but at some point her account was banned and she had to create another one.

Njoki also revealed that she made her first million when she was 19 by working with a company in Norway as a sentry.

Last Week,Njoki Murira shared photos of the almost complete house that she is building for her parents.

She shared photos on social media showing the new house happily dancing for how far she has come with the construction.

” Mungu tu, can’t complain,” she said.

Njoki Murira became an internet sensation from her TikTok videos which show her well endowed figure.

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