Meet Albert Ofusu Nketia, the global internet sensation

Seven-year-old Albert Ofosu Nketia has become a viral social media sensation and has been trending for several weeks because of a video that showed how he switched from crying to laughing in seconds.

The mother of the little kid, Rosina, revealed the video’s context, which many people have found amusing, in a video posted on YouTube by Oheneba Media.

She claimed the young boy broke down in tears because he was denied a specific dinner he craved but instantly started laughing as his grandma tried to comfort him by singing a funny song.

According her, the young man wanted to eat yam but there was none at home and was she was doing the laundry, so she wasn’t sure if she should stop and go to the store to get some.

“I prepared him some unripe plantains because I had them on hand. When he saw the stew, he broke down in tears,” she narrated.

His grandmother, Nana, began singing a strange song for him to stop him from sobbing, and as she sang, the laughing began until it subsided.

According to Rosina, the video was not intended to go public but it did, and that she did not know what to do the first day she watched it.

When the mother first saw the video on social media, she got confused. According to her, if she knew who shared the video it would have been a police case. She maintained that the clip was not supposed to leave the house, adding that the video was recorded with intention of sharing with the boy’s Dad.

She added that she is yet to know who leaked the video but believes the boy’s uncle recorded it to deliver to his father.

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