Revealed:How Rogue Petrol Stations are Stealing From Motorists at the Pump

Motorists in various counties complained of falling victim to rogue petrol stations that sell fuel in low quantities at the standard price.

Reports indicated that a syndicate involved in the scheme dispensed 800 ml of fuel instead of one litre at the normal price. 

According to Meru County Trade Director Kagwiria Murega, the rogue petrol attendants tamper with the pumps without interfering with calibration seals installed by county inspectors.

In other cases, the attendants would contact technicians immediately after county officials have conducted inspections in a bid to tamper with the readings. 

“The tampering of the pumps is rampant. Of the seven we inspected, only one was okay,” Murega stated, affirming that the menace increased despite the national government’s efforts to add the number of seals in fuel pumps.

She added that the trend was rampant in small fuel stations that are located away from the Central Business District (CBD). 

The county official also affirmed that for every 20 litres sold, two litres were retained by the rogue petrol stations. She suspected that the syndicate was driven by the motivation of making daily profits. 

Murega urged the national government to assist in identifying the rogue petrol stations in a bid to curb the vice. She also called upon the members of the public to be on high alert when dealing with petrol attendants.

The Energy and Petroleum Authority of Kenya (EPRA) directed motorists to lodge complaints about petrol stations breaking the laws to tame business malpractice. 

According to EPRA, motorists can lodge complaints by listing the station and its location to the authority. After filing a complaint, EPRA is able to test the petrol in the car and at the station before prescribing penalties.

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