Meet a Lady who married 3 men all living in one house

There is nothing special about a man marrying many women, but the reverse, polyandry, is unheard of.

A woman who sells cars for a living has become famous in her area, with three husbands living in the same house.

Jimmy, Danny and Hassan have no choice but to become best friends as they share the same woman under one roof.

“My name is Nellie, and I am the village record holder in this area with three husbands. I have lived with these three men as my husbands for three years. I had a husband with whom we were together for eight years who died in a car accident.

After he died, I was left with his brother, Hassan, and we continued living in the same house as before my late husband died. He showed me love, and I ended up falling for him,” she told Afrimax English.

Danny had just finished his studies and had not secured a job when he met Nellie, who showed him love and took her to his house, where the other two men welcomed him.

Nellie found Jimmy sitting alone, stressed by love, and asked him to talk to her because she saw he had many problems.

“I needed someone to comfort and say kind words to me, and I also needed someone to talk to. She told me about her life. That day we went our different ways, but continued being friends. We accepted each other with our background and live as husband and wife,” he said.

Nellie prides herself on satisfying the needs of their husbands and brags they cannot cheat because she treats them all equally.

Since everyone has their bedroom, they plan how each of them gets to spend time with her.

“Living with three men makes me feel very happy, and I can confirm that my men are also happy because they have everything they want, and I’m sure they wouldn’t cheat on me because I believe I satisfy their needs,” Nellie shared.

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