Mambo Imechemka!:Dp Rigathi Gachagua and Governor Simba Arati clash in Kisii

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Kisii Governor Simba Arati clashed over to who President William Ruto should hand state jobs.

Speaking in Kegogi on Friday, Gachagua asked the residents if the president should give former Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi a job.

He said this would stop him from putting Sufurias on his head because is elderly and a respectable man.

“Na huyu mzee wetu Jimmy Angwenyi tuangalie mambo yake tumsaidie? bora asiende kuweka sufuria kwa kichwa kwa sababu ni mzee na mtu wa heshima ni wangapi wanasema Rais asaidie huyu mzee wetu Jimmy Angwenyi? (And this our elder Jimmy Angwenyi, should we help him to stop him from putting sufuria on his head. He is elderly and respectable. How many are saying the president should help him?)” he asked the crowd.

A section of Opposition leaders and their supporters have been putting sufurias on their heads as a way of protesting the high cost of living.

Gachagua’s remarks on giving Angwenyi a job were echoed by National Assembly majority Whip Sylvanus Osoro.

He called on Ruto to find something for the former MP to do in Nairobi.

Kisii Governor Simba Arati was, however, reading from a different script.

According to him, retired leaders from the region including Angwenyi are elderly and should be allowed to retire.

He said instead, the said jobs should be handed to youths who are the majority.

“I speak for the Kisii and I want to say that Ongwae and mzee Jimmy have been around for a while and we have young people. We are ready to give the elderly something small for medication, but when it comes to work that you want to be done for five years, give the youth,” Arati said.

He added that once he finishes his two terms as governor, he will either seek the country’s top seat or retire.

Ongwae is one of the leaders who supported the Azimio side but has since changed sides and backed President Ruto.

He was also among those shortlisted for the Parliamentary Service Commission job, which went to former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama.

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