Eric Omondi Arrested While Taking CVs To State House on a Mkokoteni

Veteran comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested again during a protest where he was carrying boxes full of CVs in a mkokoteni, saying he was taking them to State House.

The comedian who recently said that he will be holding protests weekly for the next five years was spotted on a busy highway pulling his heavily loaded mkokoteni.

In a video shared on YouTube by Vincent Mboya, Eric was seen pulling his wooden cart while also calling out the government for not creating jobs for millions of Kenyans

According to him, he had carried at least 3 million CVs that he wanted to take to President William Ruto to show him how much joblessness was an issue.

“Mimi staki kuweka maisha ya watu hatarini. Mimi nilienda nicacollect CVs, ziko hapa 3 million napelekea mheshimiwa William Samoei Ruto aone watu wake wenye wameenda university na hawana kazi,” he said.

He also reminded Ruto about the promises when campaigning adding that the cost of living has gone high since he took over.

However, he was arrested and his boxes confiscated by the police who ushered him into a landrover before driving away with him.

The comedian recently gave hundreds of boda boda operators a reason to smile after he fuelled their rides.

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