Two MCAs Assaulted by angry youths for hosting William Ruto on Saturday,4 others in hiding

Migori police on Tuesday saved two Members of the County Assembly from irate youths with four others escaping after they were accused of hosting President William Ruto on Saturday.

The president was in Migori county on Saturday where he visited Kuria East, Kuria West, Uriri and Rongo constituencies where he was hosted by area legislators Marwa Kitayama, Mathias Robi, Mark Nyamita and Paul Abuor respectively.

Angry youths moved in to smoke out six Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MCAs who they accused of joining Kenya Kwanza as a move to de-whip them was ongoing in the assembly sitting chaired by speaker Owino Likowa.

Migori county commander Mark Wanjala said at around 3 pm police got information that there was tension at the assembly.

When they arrived, there were about 50 people, both staff at the assembly premises.

“The youths said the group attacked them for attending the presidential event on Saturday. Out of the six MCAs, only two recorded statements with police as others escaped from the assembly,” Wanjala said.

“We have launched investigations on assault charges and we will make arrests soon,” Wanjala said.

During assembly sitting North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba sensed danger during the assembly session which resumed after a week recess and rose to ask the speaker if their security was guaranteed.

The speaker who was not aware of the happenings assured him that he was secure, but when they stepped out of the assembly, a group of youths pulled him aside and started raining blows on him despite armed police presence at the assembly.

Omamba ran towards a parked police vehicle a few meters away for protection with youths in hot pursuit.

When he jumped in they went ahead and snatched the vehicle’s keys to drive him away.

Police fought to retrieve the keys and kept him guarded as West Kanyamkago MCA Peter Mijungu managed to run inside assembly offices for protection with youths shouting “how can you abuse Raila?”

The youths broke down the door to the office and tried to smoke him out before police intervened.

According to police, youths physically assaulted North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba and hit his neck and mouth with stones, smashed the windscreen of East Kanyamkago MCA Norman Ogolla’s vehicle as he was entering the assembly.

Only Mijungu and Omamba recorded statements at the Migori police station.

The two said the attack and being de-whipped from committees will not deter them from ensuring Migori county government delivers to voters.

“For the last seven months, nothing has happened in our wards. When I asked the status of the bursary and the poor condition of Migori county referral hospital my woes started,” Omamba said.

“This is related to the coming of the president, we welcomed him and there was nothing political about it despite some leaders in Migori not being happy with it.”

Omamba said they are aware more attacks will be meted on them, “but when we were told of violence as Uriri was making political decisions we never knew it will come close home”.

Mijungu said he was elected on an Independent ticket and wondered why ODM which failed to frustrate him on the August 9 election tried to curtail him from seeking development for his electorates.

“We heard rumours of these attacks and intimidation since Ruto announced he was to be in the county. Since I was not elected under ODM some members were whipped to remove me as chair of the Legal Committee,” Mijungu said.

According to a statement from the assembly, the ODM party wrote to the speaker about the lack of confidence in four MCAs: Omamba, Central Kanyamkago MCA Eunice Odii and North Kadem MCA Samson Olima Obonyo.

Omamba, Ogolla and Olima were removed as chairs of health, education and water committees respectively.

Odii was removed as a member of the Speaker’s Panel and was replaced by nominated MCA Philisters Makabong’o who is the spouse of Migori ODM chair Philip Makabong’o.

Another MCA accused of hosting the president, Osewe Collince of North Kamagambo was replaced by the member of the speaker’s panel by Tagare MCA Moses Magwe.

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